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Empty Promises: The Truth About You, Your Desires, and the Lies You're Believing - Pete Wilson This book isn't all that long and when I first received it I expected it would be a quick 1-2 night read. I was completely wrong. Pete Wilson asks so many thought-provoking questions and provides so much food for thought that it took me much longer (over a week) to actually read all of the way through it. This is definitely not a book that will be moved to collect dust on my shelves, I'm sure it will be a book that I refer to many times over the years.

I had never really put much thought in to what idols may exist in my life that distract me away from my relationship with God but as I read through this book I began to see some of them for the first time. I realized how my need for control (The Perils of Power) interferes with my relationship with the Lord. When I read the part about idolatry of other people it made me think about my relationships. There were just so many places where I felt the need to stop and reflect and it certainly brought about a lot of personal and spiritual growth.

This is one book that I can honestly say affected me in a personal way and has caused a inner transformation. I have a new perspective on a few things in my life and it feels good. I have already recommended this book to my husband and added it to his "to-read" list even though he's not really that much of a reader.

I received this book through BookSneeze. The opinions above are solely mine and I have received no compensation for this review.