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A Dirty Job - Christopher Moore This book was absolutely hilarious, but then again all of Christopher Moore's books are hilarious. I actually laughed out loud quite a few times while I was reading it and the humor flowed so naturally that it was a very easy read. I never wanted to put it down.

According to the book there are Alpha Males (you know...those strong, confident, intelligent, competent men) and then there are Beta Males which are basically the exact opposite. The main character, Charlie Asher, is the epitomy of Beta Male. His wife dies in childbirth and now he's left to raise a newborn baby girl all by himself. Enter hilarity...along with crazy babysitters, Hell Hounds, Death Merchants, and sewer harpies. The whole journey is hysterical.

Christopher Moore's absurdist humor is fantastic. The one-liners, the puns, the witty dialogue all create a wonderful fanciful absurd tale that he actually makes death funny and comfortable. You will laugh, I know you will, so give it a shot.