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Imperfect Bliss - Susan Fales-Hill Imperfect Bliss was a cute story. It certainly wasn't ground-breaking and I can't say that it was memorable like so many of the other books that I've read this year but it was cute. It was a great read when I was just wanting a frivolous fun book to waste a little time reading.

The Harcourt family were entertaining characters. I found myself laughing quite frequently at Forsythia and her antics. The four sisters could not have been more different and they made me think of "Little Women" more than "Pride and Prejudice" but I believe that's probably because there were four of them and their individual personalities made me think of Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy. I thought the sisters were great personalities and Fales-Hill did a good job of bringing them all to life. I could see the characters and I could understand their personalities and they were fun. Not to mention there was cute little Bella. Bella stole the book! She was such a cute little girl and with her bifocals and leg brace she was a sweet little character you just can't help but love.

The story itself is described as a "Pride and Prejudice" meets "The Bachelorette" and I can understand that description. I wouldn't necessarily consider it an accurate description but it is an understandable description. "Pride and Prejudice" is an amazing well-written classic love story and "The Bachelorette" is a modern-day mockery of love and marriage. This book does combine the two perceptions of love and marriage but it leans toward modern-day mockery. It is predictable at times and it is frivolous but that is all I was looking for in this book. I wanted a fun frivolous time-waster and this fit.

I was a bit turned off by the physical intimacy because I try to stay away from eroticism but I'll concede that it was more lustful than erotically descript. The book frequently discussed lust and the physical longing for sexual contact but did not ever physically describe any sexually erotic act which I appreciated. I also was a bit turned off by the lesbian relationship toward the end of the book. While I support and respect their lifestyle I do not enjoy reading about homosexual intimacy. I prefer to avoid sexual or erotic intimacy in my movies and books regardless of the sexual orientation of those involved.

That all being said it is an average book with an average story with great characters. It was a good way to waste a few days. Simply put, it was frivolous fun but nothing amazing.