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Pete Rose: My Story

Pete Rose: My Story - Pete Rose, Roger Kahn I imagine that fans of Pete Rose (like me) will love this book while people that are not already fans of Pete Rose will find it egotistical and arrogant. I expected it to be arrogant, Pete is arrogant, it's always been a big part of his personality.

I loved this book and I especially loved the chapter about the gambling scandal which appears toward the end. It really breaks down the "evidence" against him and bring light to the inconsistencies that bring enough reasonable doubt to wonder if he was really guilty of all of the things he has been accused of doing.

The book really confirms that Pete Rose is the American sports icon and he deserves far more respect and love than he's received over the decades. He is a good man, he was a great baseball player and he had a great career as both a player and a manager. I wish Pete was in the MLB Hall of Fame. He deserves it and this book confirms it.