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How to Receive Free Groceries

How to Receive Free Groceries - Sarah Holmes In How to Receive Free Groceries, Sarah Holmes describes various ways the reader can receive coupons for free groceries. She explains the methods she has successfully used to request coupons from manufacturers, which she then uses to obtain the best possible savings on her grocery bill. She also relates the best way to use regular coupons in conjunction with store sales to get the optimum savings.

This book, at less than 100 pages, was very easy to read in a morning. It appears to be self-published, as there were a few grammatical errors and structure problems. The flow was a little disjointed, as she jumped from one thought to another and then back to the first thought, and it did have a blog-y type of feel to it. However, she did provide some sound information on how to approach companies to request coupons for their products. She does include some sample letters to send to get the reader started, and offers tips on where to send your requests.

If you are a beginner at couponing, this book does offer some sound information on how to get started. It explains the usage of a stockpile and she does encourage the reader to donate any extra products they are able to obtain for free or nearly free to a charity. The book does read like an episode of Extreme Couponing, but a beginner may find it useful. I did check all the websites she listed in the book and all are functioning websites at the time of this review.

Review by Rebecca Kinnie
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