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The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts - Gary Chapman I received this book from my Mother-in-Law for my first wedding anniversary, in addition to a few other items for our "paper anniversary." I took it as a good sign that she likes me and wants me and her son to have a long, happy and lasting marriage. I tweeted about receiving the book and was immediately hit with a ton of twitter replies telling me how great the book is and how it is a "must-read" for every Christian couple. So I read it and it was a great book. I don't think it was anything earth-shattering but it was good nonetheless.

Essentially Mr. Chapman describes the five primarly "love languages" which people speak in order to express and identify feelings of love. Those languages are:

-words of affirmation
-quality time
-recieving gifts
-acts of service
-physical touch

My husband and I connect very well and have from the very beginning. I was confident before reading this book that he and I spoke the same "love language" and this book only reinforced the belief. We both connect through physical touch but this book also helped us to identify ways to express our feelings through other methods as well. My husband indicated that he believes that the "love language" a person speaks could evolve or change over time so it is important that we remain aware of all 5 primary languages and become at least a little familiar with all of them.

This book wasn't anything groundbreaking. I do not believe it's anything special to teach that you need to connect with people in a way that they are able to understand. If my husband feels loved when I touch him, cuddle with him, hug him, kiss him, hold him, then that is what I would do to make sure he knows how I feel and vice versa. This book brought about more awareness than new knowledge and understanding. It was still a good book and a great anniversary book. I'm sure it will be a book we will refer to throughout our marriage to keep our relationship strong and secure.