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A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver - Mark Shriver I was so excited when I won this book on GoodReads. I love historical books and I love autobiographies, biographies and memoirs so I really expected to fall in love with this book. My brother served in the Peace Corps, which Sargent Shriver founded, and I was looking forward to reading about the creation of that program. I did like it a lot but I didn't fall in love.

I wanted this book to be full of historical fact and achievements. I expected to read about the healing of a nation after J.F. Kennedy was assassinated, the foundation of the Peace Corps and the foundation of the Head Start program. I expected to read about the military achievements of Sargent Shriver and all of his accomplishments in the government and the details I was craving were lacking in the story. I wanted more career facts and I wanted to read about how Sargent Shriver built his career and impacted our nation. Instead, what I read was a story about how Sargent Shriver built his family and his legacy.

I was slightly disappointed with this book but not because of anything that Mark Shriver was lacking in his writing. The book is incredibly well-written and very emotional. Mr. Shriver really does an amazing job of introducing us to Sargent Shriver, the family man not Sargent Shriver the military man and even though it was not what I expected I still loved the book. The way that Mark describes his father it is very clear to see that he loved and respected his father very much. The way that he discussed his father's battle with Alzheimer's was heartbreaking.

It is truly a good book and I recommend it for anyone interested in historical memoirs. Sargent Shriver not only accomplished a lot for our country but he was also devoted to his faith, his family and his friends. He was definitely a good man and the type of person we should all aspire to be.