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Why Mermaids Sing - C.S. Harris The book description called this a “puzzling-and disturbing-case” so I was most certainly intrigued and anxious to begin reading.

“Why Mermaid’s Sing” begins by describing a series of murders that have taken place in Regency London. Someone is purposely and meticulously murdering and dismembering the sons of aristocratic families. For assistance in solving the case the magistrate calls in top-notch investigator Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin. As the story unfolds Sebastian St. Cyr tackles a very disturbing case and author, C.S. Harris is not afraid to delve in to a rather “taboo” subject matter but I didn’t mind it. At the end we discover a pretty classic motive for murder but the history and story behind it is unique.

From beginning to end the story really pulls you in and there were many nights I stayed up longer than intended because I just couldn’t put it down. It is not the best book and it’s not even the best mystery but it is intriguing and cryptic and it had a story and motivation I didn’t see coming which made me enjoy it even more. Overall I would recommend checking it out but I would recommend borrowing from the library instead of purchasing it because I doubt it is a book you would read more than once or twice. Once I knew the story I had a difficult time getting in to it for a second read.