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The Least Likely Bride - Jane Feather I don’t typically read romance novels. I’m not a romance novel kind of woman but I did read this one on the recommendation of a friend and I actually enjoyed it very much.

The book opens with Olivia, Portia, and Phoebe (three young girls) meeting and all vowing to never marry. The all swear to live as single women who forever follow their hearts and pursue their dreams and not become tied down by a man.

We all know what happens when we decide to make plans of our own. Enter…FATE.

One minute Lady Olivia Granville is strolling along, minding her own business, lost in a good book (kind of like the Least Likely Bride) and paying no attention to her surroundings when she falls off a cliff and wakes up tied down to a bed on a pirate ship.

***I’ll admit, the book had me right there because I love pirates and I especially love stories about pirates. I think it goes back to my childhood, Peter Pan and the notorious Captain Hook***

As with any pirate story, we now enter the world of thievery and mischief, deceit and political intrigue. I loved the book. I loved the twists and turns of the story. I loved the romance between bookish Lady Olivia and the mysterious pirate Anthony. I loved the political corruption and the plotting against (and for) the King.

It was a intriguing romance without being overly sexual and I enjoyed it greatly. There are two other books in the series which tell the tale of Portia and Phoebe but I have yet to read those.