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Dear John - Nicholas Sparks I am not usually a fan of love stories so I was pretty hesitant to read this book but I had simply heard too many good things, from too many good friends, about Nicholas Sparks for me to avoid reading it for too long.

Overall, I liked the story. Despite the narrative being very predictable (and how could it not be with the book being title “Dear John” and the male lead character being enlisted in the armed forces) I still enjoyed it. The tale of John and Savannah is tragic with John needing to hold on to someone to get through his difficult times, Savannah falling in love with a man that can’t be home with her and finding herself turning to a friend for comfort through the loneliness, the whole situation was heartbreaking. Perhaps it was because I could relate to the lonely feeling because at the time when I first read it (nearly two years ago) my now-husband and I were separted by a lot of distance as well although, unlike Savannah and John, we were able to make it work.

It was a very quick and easy, although very emotional, read. Even though I knew it would end tragically (don’t all of Sparks’ books end tragically?) I kept hoping it would end differently. I found myself really cheering for these two, I really wanted them to work it out, be in love, be together, and be happy. I found myself emotionally invested and that is always a sign of a good book.