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It Wasn't Always Easy, but I Sure Had Fun - Lewis Grizzard It Wasn't Always Easy, but I Sure Had Fun was actually published after Lewis Grizzard died of his heart defect. It is a collaboration of the articles he had published in the Georgia newspaper outside of Atlanta where he lived (and loved). He is a true southern comedian and to anyone that understands life in the south his opinions and views are spot on.

This isn't my favorite of his books (I think that would be "Shoot Low Boys, They're Riding Shetland Ponies) but this one is definitely funny. I laughed hilariously throughout the whole book and was sad when it was over. I keep Lewis Grizzard books on my bookshelf at all times because I know I can always refer back to them any time I need a good chuckle. One other thing I really love about Lewis Grizzard books is that I don't have to read the entire book to get a laugh. I can read one little chapter or one quick story, get my chuckles going, and then go about my day.

I also love how Lewis Grizzard involves the reader in his life discussing his multiple marriages and divorces, his beloved hound "Catfish" and of course, his childhood friend and idol, Wayman C Wannamaker Jr, a great American. I may have spelled his name wrong and for that I apologize, but he is a person that is mentioned frequently.