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The Deep End of the Ocean - Jacquelyn Mitchard When I first picked this book up I thought it would be interesting although the plot line seemed pretty depressing. Essentially, a three-year old boy is kidnapped while his mother's back is turned in a hotel lobby. His older brother was supposed to be watching him but he wasn't paying attention and the little boy disappears.

I read about 50 pages before I had to put it down for the first time. I hated Beth Cappadora. I hated her reaction to the kidnapping, I hated the way she treated her older son, I hated the way she treated her younger child, I hated the way she treated her husband and the way she behaved in her own life. I simply couldn't stand her. A week later I picked the book back up and pushed through the pages one by one. The book really began to capture my attention and I found myself becoming pretty involved in the story. Every time there was a new detail or a new reveal I was just a little bit more interested. In the end I didn't hate Beth anymore and I found myself wondering how true her reactions were and how I would react if, God forbid, I ever found myself in the same situation.

Ultimately I decided I liked the book. I didn't love it but I did like it. There were times it was difficult to read and there were parts I didn't enjoy but overall it was good. Even if you don't think you can...finish it. It's worth reading.