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Jigsaw Soul - Scott Middlemist I cannot remember the last time a book invaded my psyche like Jigsaw Soul did this past week. Jigsaw Soul not only invaded my psyche but it completely took over. I was consumed with Arthur's story and his journey. I was consumed with all of the characters (Katie and Hank, Medusa, Aswas, and Patton were among my other favorites). They were in my head all day and I dreamed about them at night. I would actually dream about Jigsaw Soul and watch Arthur's journey unfold. Aswas visited me during my dreams and left a haunting image behind as I began to understand and connect with this war-torn soldier. He is an image I don't believe I will ever be able to shake. I feel the same way about Medusa and Ajax. Those two characters are the things that nightmares are made of and they are terrifying. Middlemist created incredible characters and brought each one to life in such a unique and personal way, it was truly amazing to read.

This entire book is simply remarkable. It is so tragic and haunting
and I can't even begin to count the tears I shed. There were moments like when Rip was murdered that left me truly heartbroken. The pure brutality of war was clear like during the Highway massacre that it was hard not to become emotional. For all of it's tragedy it was also inspiring and beautiful. The psyche of Arthur Logan was destroyed at war but was reassembled during his journey to rediscover his soul and to see his regrets and feel his sorrow was powerful. It has truly captured me in a way that a book hasn't in a very long time. I can not remember the last time I had such a strong reaction to a book.

The ending of the book was perfect and it brought about a moment of confrontation with people that I had hoped to see ever since the moment when Arthur broke and lost control in that tower in Phoenix. This book is truly worth every moment spent reading it.

**I received this book as a GoodReads First Reads Giveaway.**