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The Longing: Embracing the Deepest Truth of Who You Are - Joey O'Connor After I won this book as a GoodReads giveaway the author, Joey O'Connor, messaged me. He was very kind and hoped that I would enjoy his book. He was polite and friendly and I truly wanted to read his book and have a, "Wow! I loved it!" reaction. Unfortunately, I didn't. I'm not quite sure why I didn't because it is a good book but it just didn't capture me the way that so many other books have captured me lately.

The Longing is a good book for someone who is struggling with a negative self-image or for someone who finds themselves behaving as a "people-pleaser" and seeking love and acceptance from others. This book is a mission statement with a purpose of teaching others to come to God for the love and acceptance they are seeking in their lives. I struggled in finding a way to personally connect to his lessons. I'm not a perfect Christian and I do struggle (a lot) in my faithfulness and in my trust in God's promises but the one thing that I do know and that I am always certain about is that despite my flaws and my problems and my mistakes that God loves me unconditionally. God's unconditional love is the one thing that I don't doubt and that I do fully believe in. I needed something more from this book. I wanted something that was going to delve deeper into that promise and love from God and take it to a more intimate level. I felt a lack of depth in the connection between me and God in this book.

I know Mr. O'Connor is a very kind man and I know he has a true heart for God. He lives for his faith and he wants everyone to feel the love from God that he feels. I believe this book would be great for someone who is new to their Christian faith or for someone who is lost and seeking God but doesn't know where to begin their journey. It was a good book but it wasn't the right book for me at this point in my life.