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Let It Be - Chad Gayle Let It Be follows the life of Michelle Jansen, who is recently separated from her husband and desires nothing but a fresh start with her two children, Joseph and Pam. With Michelle’s new separation comes a new home in Amarillo, Texas, a new job, new obstacles, and new love. Throughout Michelle’s experiences, however, is an ex-husband who is willing to destroy everything she has all because he cannot have her himself, resulting in a betrayal, a near-death experience, a man locked up, and a heartbreak.

Being a Beatles fan, I was incredibly excited to read this book, as it was named after the Beatles’ last album “Let It Be.” I found it even more endearing when I began reading the book, I found that each chapter title was a song title from “Let It Be”, which fit each chapter perfectly. The book takes you through a beautiful story of a woman named Michelle. Although at the beginning of the story I wanted to dislike Michelle, I grew to sympathize with her. The story is initially told from her son’s point of view and he is very angry with his mother for the divorce. However, after being brutally attacked by her ex-husband my opinion began to change. In another twist, a character I originally had great affection for betrays Michelle, causing my change of opinion to be complete. I began to sympathize with the difficulties Michelle faced being a newly single mom and having to deal with an abusive - and possibly crazy - ex-husband. Added into the mix is a complicated character, one who you can both understand their motivation for doing the things they do, but does things, perhaps unknowingly, which causes a very dangerous situation to present itself. After Michelle’s ex-husband attacks her, you really start to root for her. I found myself hoping that her new love interest would bloom and that she would let herself fall in love, rather than hold herself back out of fear or a sense of loyalty to someone else. Throughout many twists and turns in the novel, you grow to be attached to this family and only hope for the best for them.

This book was not my absolute favorite but I enjoyed it very much. I did, however, dislike a random chapter that felt thrown into the middle of the story. It was confusing and I felt it was very unnecessary. This book is worth buying though and I have already recommended it to two friends that I know would enjoy it. It certainly is very captivating and pretty easy to get in to. While short and simple, there is enough action taking place to keep your attention, but not too much to take away from the actual storyline that is occurring.

Review by Caitlin Waldrop
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