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My Status Update Journey

My Status Update Journey: A Quirky In-Depth Analysis of the World from the Voices in My Head - Marcus Matherne No doubt...this book is hilarious! The last time I laughed this hard at a book was when I read "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore. I was seriously sitting on my couch, reading this book, and laughing out loud the entire time. I was full of honest "LOL" moments.

So...the laughs are endless. I giggled on page 1. By page 7 I had my first full-scale giggle-fit and my husband shot me the first of many "What the hell is so funny over there?" looks. He ended up putting in his earbuds to listen to his music which I guess he prefers over the sound of my laughter. The actual Facebook updates are amusing but not really LOL funny but the commentary before / after the status updates are hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Not to mention some of the imagery Marcus creates draws such a picture of the situation that I can't help but laugh and laugh and laugh and...you get the point. When he was describing the time he got his van stuck in the snow backing out of his driveway with two screaming and crying little boys in the backseat I cringed for him. When he was trying to push it out and one of his boys said they needed a "big strong man" I laughed. I did feel bad about it but I couldn't help it. When he bemoaned running out of milk with a full bowl of cereal, I felt his pain. I've been there too.

The flaws? Two typos. So minor that I couldn't even deduct a star for it. I don't usually notice typos or grammar problems because truly I don't care. I'm not worried about a spelling or grammar problems in a book I care only about the story and the journey and Marcus' story was hilarious. I think I was just in a grammar/spelling Nazi mood tonight. Although perhaps it was due to Marcus mentioning that he, and his son, share the power of sucking at spelling and that he couldn't survive without spellchecker that made me hyper-sensitive to the possibility of errors. Regardless, they kind of made the book even funnier (yes, I know funnier isn't a word).

All in all, the book is a success. I loved it and I laughed a lot. I finished it in a night and I was actually so excited about reading this book that I put the book I was involved with reading on hold just so I could read it. My Status Update Journey is a total win for humor. Marcus...please write another book! Readers...do yourselves a favor and take a night away from the stress, the drama, the depression, the worry and escape in to the funny that is Marcus Matherne.

Oh...and I was pronouncing Marcus' last name as "Math-urn." I think I was wrong but he does clarify...you just have to get all the way to the end to find out how to say it right.

Notice: I did receive this book as an ARC from the author through my blog thebookwormjustate.wordpress.com. The opinions listed above are solely mine. This book is full of funny!