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Stress Point: Thriving Through Your Twenties in a Decade of Drama

Stress Point: Thriving Through Your Twenties in a Decade of Drama - Sarah Francis Martin This was a very well written Bible study book and one that I am so glad I am able to add to my shelves. I only finished it last night and I've already recommended it to a few friends.

It is designed to help 20-something women accept and thrive in relation to their feelings toward their careers, money, friendships, dating and body image. Despite having turned 30 last month these are still areas of my life that I struggle with on a near-daily basis. I returned to school a few years ago to make a big career change, money struggles are always an on-going issue, I've walked away from quite a few former friends in the last few years because relationships with them were no longer healthy for me, I was married to a man I love more than anything in my world and my body image? Well, let's just say there are good and bad days.

Ms. Martin's book has helped me to work toward shaping a new perspective on these issues in my life and I very highly recommend this book to women who want to bring more positivity, hope, and optimism into every aspect of their lives. I have found a few new scripture verses that I now hold very close to my heart and that I turn to for comfort when I have a bad day at work or acceptance when I'm having a bad body image day. When I lose a friend or when I make a new one, it's all ok because I've learned to develop new perspective on the people that God takes out, and brings in, to my life.

All in all this is a wonderful study book and one that I would absolutely recommend. It took me about two weeks to go through the whole thing and I feel that was a pretty good pace for me. I can very easily see this being a 5-week study though and spending one week per category. No matter what pace you decide will work for you I do believe you will be happy you read this book.

**Disclaimer** I received this book through BookSneeze. I receive books in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. There was no monetary exchange in return for my opinions.