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Throwing Heat - Nolan Ryan, Harvey Frommer Nolan Ryan. He was my very first MLB hero. During his time with the Texas Rangers (his 3rd MLB team - Mets, Angels, Rangers) the team held their spring training in my hometown in Florida and I used to watch him play. I know it was toward the end of his career but I was mesmerized. I will never say a bad word about Nolan, not ever. That being said, there is no way I could give his autobiography any less than 5 full stars.

It was originally published in 1988 so he is still playing with the Astros when the book ends so keep that in mind when you are reading. I cheered when he was detailing his time with the Mets. It seems that he hates that organization nearly as much as I do (although I'll admit that they are the lesser of the MLB New York evils). I developed a deeper respect for him while reading about his attempts at balancing his military career, his baseball career and his family. I love the anecdotes that are scattered throughout the book from former coaches, other players, and his wife.

Throughout the entire book the continual theme is that despite his Hall of Fame career Nolan Ryan always was and always will be just a rancher from Texas who could throw a mighty fastball. He didn't always have the best control and he hit a lot of guys, but he's still the best pitcher to ever play the game.