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Deadly Music - Erwin Buck It took a while for Deadly Music to really capture my attention but once it did it was a fun mystery. When I first starting reading it I read until about page 30 or 35 before I felt like it was growing stale. I put it aside and started reading "Thirty Rooms to Hide In" by Luke Sullivan which was a dark and very emotionally exhausting memoir. After finishing such a deeply haunting story I needed something a little less depressing and a little more fun so I decided to pick up Deadly Music again and try to figure out just exactly who Mr. Richard Brown was and exactly what it was that he was up to. The second time around Deadly Music was a better read so maybe it was just my mood the first time? I don't know but ultimately I can say it's worth the two or three days it will take to read it.

The general premise is that of a giant financial scheme. Richard Brown is bilking people out of their savings by using what has become a pretty popular method, investment fraud. It seems to work just fine for him until he decides to turn his casual girlfriend into another unsuspecting victim. She confides in her cousin, Aurora, about her fears of being out her life savings and Aurora becomes a woman on a mission. Aurora, a financial investigator, and her good friend Walter Osborne, pick up the case. Who is Richard Brown and what kind of game is he playing? As it plays out Richard Brown isn't Richard Brown, he's Rikko Bruun...or is he? He was once the primary suspect in the murder of his cousin but ultimately he was ruled out as the possible perpetrator. The correct call or shoddy detective work? The questions abound! Just what is this guy up to?

It's hard to say too much without spoiling the details or the ending. I don't want to tell you who Richard Brown is or what his game is all about. I can't tell you who the murderer is or where all the money went. I can't tell you anything without spoiling a good book. I'll confess, Deadly Music is not the best mystery book I've read this year but it is good and it is fun. It's a book I enjoyed reading when I didn't want to get too emotionally involved and I wanted to relax. Unfortunately I have to admit it's probably a little forgettable and I doubt it's a book I'll remember as a great book in a few years. It is however a good quick read and the characters are enjoyable. Aurora and Walter make a great team and I can see them solving many more mysteries together. At least, I hope they solve many more mysteries together because I would read them.