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Your Road to Damascus: 6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Search

Your Road to Damascus: 6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Search - William Y. Higgins This is an interesting book , mostly because it fills such a tight niche: A job search lesson plan for the Christian believer. It is a hefty workbook too, with 363 oversized pages to read, reflect on and complete (although I was reading an advance review copy, and this may change upon distribution). One thing I do have to admit is that as overwhelming as this book was, it is packed full of good information, and is truly a resource.

Part devotional, part autobiography and part self-help tutorial, Your Road to Damascus takes the reader on both a spiritual and educational journey. Whether you are new to the job market, a long-time employee seeking a new adventure, or an out-of-work adult who just needs some fresh guidance, this book is for you. Because of the sheer volume of resources inside, it must have “something for everyone”, even if not all the contents apply to your current situation.

I am employed full-time, so I was not looking for a resume worksheet or vocational style inventory, but they’re in there. Building resumes, cold calling, cover letter scripts, evaluating job offers, negotiating, maintaining a network, goal setting…it’s all in there. But so are Scripture quotes directly relating to the above topics, and God’s word pointing to the skills of encouragement, character and discernment that you may not list on your resume, but that are oh so important when one is trying to find the right job fit.

I found this to be a book that I would not read cover to cover, instead one that I would refer back to often over the course of my career, depending on which stage of it I’m in. No one anticipates a job loss, reduction in workforce, loss of income, firing or death of a spouse, and yet it happens to us every day. This book points the reader gently back to the One who can lead us through any trial, including joblessness or uncertainty in the one we have.

Through his 20 plus years of recruitment and career coaching, Higgins has indeed been impacted by experiences in the human resources fields, and shares the best of it here in his book. I felt like he intends his book to be your light and help, as the Christian looks to his Lord as touchstone, guide and teacher. It is insightful, thorough and a useful tool for any worker, regardless of circumstance.

Review by Alicia Accardi
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