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The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space - Brian Sfinas The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space by Brian Sfinas is a fictional novel about the phenomena of lucid dreaming and is, in no way, related to sexual adventures or erotic material. A group of friends, after becoming addicted to the concept of lucid dreaming, discover a way to medically induce themselves into a coma in order to extend their lucid dreaming. Unfortunately, one night something goes awry and someone dies. Now, the friends must scramble to cover it up.

*Note* - Lucid dreaming is the art of dreaming while being aware that oneself is in a dream state. The dreamer can then consciously explore and control their dream.

Written as a first-person narrative the novel does read quite odd at times. This is not a novel with a traditional story and standard pace; instead it appears to be a journal written by the protagonist, Michael, as he recounts the adventures of himself and friends as they experiment with the concept of lucid dreaming. The tone is very conversational and it does feel as though the reader is peering into a private diary as opposed to reading a novel that is depicting a story that was actually intended to be told. It’s a unique writing style but one that works for this particular tale. The erratic nature of the writing, the quick and choppy sentence structure. The lack of flow and continuity. In any other novel it would feel disjointed and cold but in The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space, it works. It’s the voice of the character and it allows the reader a glimpse into his psyche and nature.

Michael, the protagonist and author of the journal, is a well-developed and intriguing character. Readers are given great insight into him as the thoughts, feelings, fears, doubts, curiosity expressed throughout the novel belong to him and are therefore fully exposed. The remaining characters in the novel are not quite as fully described and therefore feel like only shadows of their true selves. They are not as completely developed as they could have been although they are still likable (for the most part). Michael feels mostly disassociated from the others and never expresses a truly believable emotional reaction to any of the characters or the events that unfold. He is logical and curious, obsessed with the idea of lucid dreaming opposed to the actual impact of the lucid dreaming and the induced coma-state on his friends. All of the characters do add dimension to the story but they do not feel fully composed.

Overall, it’s a very unique book and an original concept although, for a book based on the idea of lucid dreaming, there is very little in the novel that actually takes place within the dreamscape. The novel is highly imaginative and Sfinas does a wonderful job of creating tension and intrigue within a book that really doesn’t lend itself to mystery. It’s a fascinating story and one that should be considered. Despite my enjoyment of the book I have to admit that it isn’t a book that would be appreciated or enjoyed by every reader. I recommend that any potential reader take advantage of the option to “Look Inside” on Amazon to preview the first few pages before purchasing.

Review by Ashley LaMar
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